Friday, July 28, 2017

My goals for Term 3

These are my goals for Term 3!.

Name: Alex J
My goal for term 3 is to-concentrate on just my work,not the things out of my learning time. When the bell rings,my mind is focussed on my next learning stage,my behavior will always be motivated and ready to learn new things!.

Achieved by: End of Term 3
This term I will make sure,to strive to be above where my learning is suppose to be. To encourage myself,and to show myself that there are more opportunities for my learning,but it's all up to me what I want to learn,or if i'm willing to take new challenges.

Achieved by: End of Term 3
What can I do to ACHIEVE this?
Set my mind on my learning,never give up. Look forward to the new challenges.

Look at the bigger pictures instead of the smaller chances.