Thursday, June 2, 2016

Last goodbye.

It was July the 1st, a normal school day, my siblings and I got ready to go to school, at the time we were living in Waima. The school bus arrived at our driveway, we hoped on the bus.  Minutes later we all arrived at school. Hours flew by and it was lunch time, my school got a phone call from my dad saying “can you give a note to my kids to tell us to get our stuff together because he would be here to pick us up any minute.”
He arrived at our school to pick us up,as we got into the car we asked “why we were leaving so early from school?” He replied to us, “Nan is unwell and your mum is gone to Rawene hospital with her.”

Minutes after we all arrived at Rawene Mum and Nana were hopping into a helicopter. Dad drove us back to Waima and called my uncle (dad’s brother)saying “there's something with mum I'm dropping Tawhiti and Brittney off at home, can you come and look after them while me and Alex head down to Whangarei”.

We arrived at Whangarei but by then it was too late, no one got to say their final goodbyes and love you’s apart from mum.  I felt like a strike of lightning struck my heart. Mum said to us “she took her last breathe just before they landed in Whangarei. No one knew she was sick as she was one of those stubborn people.”  One of the doctors came in and told us how Nan had died, “she had pneumonia” said the doctor. So many questions were asked. I couldn’t feel anything apart from nervousness crawling down my spine. Family all  gathered together at the hospital and loved each other.  I rang Brittney to tell her the sad news, no words were spoken just tears.  

My eyes closed gently and thought about all the good,annoying things my nana did for me. I had always been nana’s girl so I was in so much of shock that she had been taken so early at the age of 56.  That was a lesson to many of us to always get a check up.

A day  later community and family gathered all together in the marae, I looked around and tears falling down so  many familiar faces. I looked to my sister and she was in such of shock with tears rolling down, I crawled over to her and just squeezed her. Hours shot passed, people came and went.  

It was the final night that I would spend with her, the toko toko went around and many voices spoke about the memories they shared together. I was thinking and realized it was my birthday tomorrow. I wished no one knew because I didn’t want the day to be about me. I just had one regret and that was that I didn’t acknowledge my nan enough for what she did for all of us.

The sun rose, I wasn’t ready for this day.  Songs were sang, but it was time I had to say my last goodbye, it was hard and emotional. Thoughts were flying around my head.  But it was time we laid her to rest.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

20160601_123942.jpgHave you ever wondered how to make a paper mache Pa?

Paste glue
Hot glue gun
News paper
Card board
Paint. etc

Firstly you draw a plan of what you would like your pa to look like from a bird's eye view, as you start developing ideas and designings you should be getting a model of what you have created on your plan in your head.

Secondly it’s time to start creating, you put the cardboard on a table and start glueing news paper onto the cardboard with paste glue. When it starts getting bigger and you're happy with you have done so far and it's starting to look like your plan, leave it to dry for a few hours.  

Thirdly use the sticks you gathered up and start making a fence, depending on what you would like to have on your pa you decide what materials you need. When you're designing is done and paper massaged and it kind of looks like your plan you paint it whatever colours you want.

Lastly you can do some touch up’s if there’s any white bits or just paint layers.