Friday, July 8, 2016


As a class task we had to create a google drawing and define what leadership means using either word or sentences. For mine I chose sentences and this is what I created.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Matariki Report

Matariki is a maori new year,it is a cluster of 7 stars named the pleiades. Maori celebrate matariki in there own ways and there own believes.

What is Matariki?
Matariki is known for the maori new year,which has different meanings behind the word Matariki.  Matariki rises in late May or early June. Some maori say Matariki means the god of eyes,as Papatuanuku and Ranginui were separated. Tawhirimatea became so angry tearing out his eyes and hurling them into heaven. For many maori Matariki is a huge celebration, not just because itÅ› a maori new year but because is mentioned as a awesome time for planting,growing and harvesting as well as fishing.

The stars
Matariki believes the brighter the stras are the better the crops will be the following year.


Importance of Matariki?
Maori also have their own New year, Which has marked by the rise of matariki(the group of stars also known as the Pleiades stars cluster or the seven stars)and the sighting of the Next new moon.Matariki has two meanings both referring to a tiny constellation of stars; Matariki Tiny Eyes and Mata Ariki Eyes of God Traditionally, depending on the visibility of Matariki the coming season's crop was thought to be determined.

How is it celebrated?

Matariki is celebrated with education, remembrance and the planting of new trees and crops signalling new beginnings. Matariki was the optimum time for new harvests, and ceremonial offerings to the land-based gods Rongo, Uenuku and Whiro to ensure good crops for the coming year. Some hold festivals,others gather their families and have hangis. Traditionally Matariki was celebrated by gathering with whanau and reflecting on the past  years.

Our new beginning

As part of our Matariki researching we got a task to find a buddy and create a animation. The hard task we got was that it had to have something about navigation. So our one was the stars navigated them to find help. We had to write our own story, for Tyissa and I it took us only a few hours has we already had a type of plan how we wanted our story to sound like. For the animation it took us 1 week and a bit. We have 68 slides. It took us quite a few times for us to finish our screen castifing as we keeped laughing or got distracted by different things.