Monday, September 25, 2017

Exposition writing

Title:  Should different cultures get the opportunity learn the maori language?
Should different cultures get the opportunity to learn the maori language?

Firstly it gives the opportunity for different cultures to learn about the maori culture,it also could increase the number of languages that you could learn easier with the maori vowles. Secondly maori was the first language spoken in New zealand,it could also stop racism and the maori would want to learn more about different cultures.  Thirdly it’s in the category of the top 3 languages used in New Zealand.

Firstly I strongly believe the Maori language should be taught in all schools in New zealand, as it will let not only maori people  to learn  their own language but it gives the opportunity for different cultures to learn about the maori culture,as well as their language. Maori is a beautiful language to learn and can increase your learning,and will develope more languages as the maori language vowels are similar as different languages vowels. Thirdly it is one of the top 3 languages used in New Zealand,it is also the other side of your child's education.

Secondly maori was the first language to be spoken in New zealand,the rangatira/tupuna bought the maori language into this country,and the expectations of everyone,will be that every child should get the opportunity to learn the maori language. Racism is a big thing in New Zealand,and getting your child to learn about different cultures,can increase the number of  the maori wanting to learn about the different cultures in New Zealand.  Every child should get the opportunity to learn the language that was first spoken in their country.

Thirdly think about the 3 top languages used in New zealand? English, Maori and sign language. Your child should get the opportunity to learn these 3 languages,it is apart of every child's education. English is a subject in school, as well as maori,learning both languages could mean numeric credits. Every child's future could be based around the maori language. The language maori is the other side of your child's education,think deeply. Being able to speak the maori language can take you all around the world.

I follow up all my reasons why maori should be taught in all  schools in New zealand,it is the middle of your pathway. It lets different cultures learn about the maori culture, it was the first language spoken in New Zealand. It could take you all around the world,and you could get numeric credits by just being able to speak the maori language. It is apart of every child's education and I strongly believe it should be taught in every school in New zealand at least once a week.

Friday, July 28, 2017

My goals for Term 3

These are my goals for Term 3!.

Name: Alex J
My goal for term 3 is to-concentrate on just my work,not the things out of my learning time. When the bell rings,my mind is focussed on my next learning stage,my behavior will always be motivated and ready to learn new things!.

Achieved by: End of Term 3
This term I will make sure,to strive to be above where my learning is suppose to be. To encourage myself,and to show myself that there are more opportunities for my learning,but it's all up to me what I want to learn,or if i'm willing to take new challenges.

Achieved by: End of Term 3
What can I do to ACHIEVE this?
Set my mind on my learning,never give up. Look forward to the new challenges.

Look at the bigger pictures instead of the smaller chances.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

All about me

Alex|Northland|13|Yr 8|Kawakawa Primary School|Sports|Netball|Boxing|League|Family|Friends|Horses|Motorbikes|Striving to be successful

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


I was set the task to do a piece of writing that makes me happy,proud and a memorible time. During my time away on tournement I learnt that sports isnt just to do with playing its also to do with love,happiness,and meeting new people.
  1. Taitokerau
  2. Netball
  3. Representing

It was April the 25th an exciting moment for me and others as it was time to hop on the bus to start our journey to Hamilton to  represent Tai tokerau as well as to compete against New zealand. I had shivers down my spine knowing that it would be the funnest happiest and teariest moments I can share with my team mates.

Our first stop was Whangarei, our Tai tokerau roopu decided we had to stop to see our nanakins which was the leader of our waaka that passed away early this year. We walked down to her grave singing some of her favourite waiata. Tears ran down my eyes as I was thinking of all the good things that she did for all of us and all the encouragement she gave to us. She taught us to never give up and always be proud of who we were. My teammates and friends surrounded me with lots of cuddles giving me and Danni the love and support we needed. After saying a quick hi and bye, the real journey started.

After hours later we arrived in Hamilton and got welcomed into the marae with a pohiri. I looked around and seen all the other teams that were representing their region .Then standing in front of all of us was the Waikato roopu as it was there year to host the tournment.

It started getting dark and late so everyone started getting tired, so we all went for showers and by then dinner and dessert had been cooked, after stuffing our faces with food we all went to bed so we can be prepared for the big day.

The sun rose everyone had breakfast and then  got ready. We all plaited our hair and put our tracksuits on so we can make our nanakins proud and represent Tai tokerau with pride.  

We hopped on the bus again and headed to the Hamilton netball courts where  we  seen all the different teams again. Tai tokerau u13s,u15,u17,19s,seniors  were ready to compete against the rest of New zealand.

The first round started and that was us, we versed ikaroa ki te tonga (wellington) and one against them by 8. Our coaches and our team and the rest of our wakas were proud of us.

Hours and hours went games and games were played and finally the day was over. We played 8 games of netball won 6 and lost 2 but overall the u13s did the best out of our waka. So I was so proud of my team as well as my friends, family.

That weekend was filled with so much laughter,loving hugs and kisses. It was also even better as we brought home 3 gold trophies, as well as Ruby from u15s and Fluernik from u13s were chosen for the top 10 of their ages group. We were all so proud of each other.